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So im trying to make a simple pizza ordering page, but from what i can tell there is nothing wrong with my code. However, when the user clicks on the place order button, the javascript function that I have created isnt called! I am not sure what I am doing wrong!!!

I have posted my code, here, any help is appreciated! thanks!

here is the function placeOrder(f)

function finalOrder(f)
            var response;
            var osize;
            var otop = "";
            var ocrust;
                if (f.psize[0].checked == true)
                      osize = f.psize[0].value;
                  else if (f.psize[1].checked == true)
                           osize = f.psize[1].value;
                  else if (f.psize[2].checked == true)
                           osize = f.psize[2].value;
                  else if (f.psize[3].checked == true)
                           osize = f.psize[3].value;

                  if (f.crust[0].checked == true)
                      ocrust = f.crust[0].value;
                  else if (f.crust[1].checked == true)
                           ocrust = f.crust[1].value;
                  else if (f.crust[2].checked == true)
                           ocrust = f.crust[2].value;
                  else if (f.crust[3].checked == true)
                           ocrust = f.crust[3].value;

                  if (f.cb1.checked == true)
                      otop = otop + f.cb1.value;
                  if (f.cb2.checked == true)
                      otop = otop + f.cb2.value;
                  if (f.cb3.checked == true)
                      otop = otop + f.cb3.value;
                  if (f.cb4.checked == true)
                      otop = otop + f.cb4.value;
                  if (f.cb5.checked == true)
                      otop = otop + f.cb5.value;
                  if (f.cb6.checked == true)
                      otop = otop + f.cb6.value;
                  if (f.cb7.checked == true)
                      otop = otop + f.cb7.value;
                  if (f.cb8.checked == true)
                      otop = otop + f.cb8.value;
                  if (f.cb9.checked == true)
                      otop = otop + f.cb9.value;
                  if (f.cb1o.checked == true)
                    otop = otop + f.cb10.value;

                  response = confirm("Please confirm: a "+osize+" with "+otop+""+ocrust+" from the store in "+document.orderDetails.storeMenu.value+" for a price of "+document.orderDetails.displayTotal.value);
                   if (response==true)
                            alert("Thank you for your order!");
                            alert("Your order has been cancelled.");

and here is where i call it using an onclick event

            Price Including Tax:
                <input  id="tax" type="text" name="displayTotal" size="10">
                <input  id="placeOrder" type="button" name="placeOrder" value="Place Order" onclick = "finalOrder(document.pizzaSize);">

pizzaSize is another form which a user selects items for their pizza, and I have confirmed it is correct.

Any help is awesome, thanks!

update: here is a link to fiddle that i made - http://jsfiddle.net/jcritch/L8A4a/

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Have you checked the output of the Javascript console? –  Claudix Mar 15 '14 at 20:48
could you create fiddle? –  user3127896 Mar 15 '14 at 20:53
Im not sure how to do that. I kinda new to html and javascript. A friend and i have been working on the same code, and his works, so I changed my code to model his, and for some reason mine does not work –  user3424191 Mar 15 '14 at 20:54
I can try...never used this either :S I will break up my code to see if i can get it working on fiddle –  user3424191 Mar 15 '14 at 20:57
alright, see if this works jsfiddle.net/jcritch/L8A4a –  user3424191 Mar 15 '14 at 21:01

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Holy if check batman, you should really try to simplify this.

function finalOrder(f) {
    var response,
        otop = "",

    for(var i = f.psize.length; i--;){
            osize = f.psize[i].value;

    for(var i = f.crust.length; i--;){
        if (f.crust[i].checked)
            ocrust = f.crust[i].value;

    for(var i = 0; i < 10; i++){
        var checkbox = f.getElementsByName('cb'+(i+1))[0];

        if (checkbox.checked)
            otop += checkbox.value;

    var response = confirm("Please confirm: a "+osize+" with "+otop+""+ocrust+" from the store in "+document.orderDetails.storeMenu.value+" for a price of "+document.orderDetails.displayTotal.value);

    if (response) {
        alert("Thank you for your order!");
    } else {
        alert("Your order has been cancelled.");
        return false;

I also noticed that you were checking if reply instead of response, which was your variable. Likely thats why you didn't see a message. I added the return false because I assume you don't want to process the form if canceled.

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Thanks for the response, I went ahead and changed taht on mine. However, I just changed the name from reply to response. Previously, it was all reply, and it still wasn't working. heres a link to fiddle jsfiddle.net/jcritch/L8A4a –  user3424191 Mar 15 '14 at 21:03
I agree, what a darn mess of if checks, this is an product ordering and customer facing, I'd really advise a boat load of testing and then get a Super Tanker of testing tools and use them too and have someone else test it. The margins for pizza places that are independent are not that large to afford many mistakes in ordering. –  alexmac Mar 15 '14 at 21:23
yeah @user3424191 -> i tried working with your jsfiddle, and there is just too much broken that is going on for me to tackle without being paid for it haha. i would start fresh, break each step out into segments, test that segment, and then continue building. otherwise you're doomed to wonder if its step 14,238 of 23,840 thats causing the failure or if its step 18,220. –  PlantTheIdea Mar 15 '14 at 21:35
Thanks for you help. I have never used fiddle so its probably jsut that. i am using text pad and just moved it over to fiddle. thanks though. I know that the problem has to do with calling of the finalOrder() function, as the other functions are being called fine. –  user3424191 Mar 15 '14 at 21:56

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