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I want to install HAXM on windows 8.1 (HP pavilion 3515) (I've downloaded the hotfix from here). but the below error occurs during installation (HyperV is not installed on my laptop). so I installed the "Intel processor utility to check if my laptop supports VT or not, and as you see in the second picture it says "NO". then I checked my bios and I saw "Virtualization technology" item in "configuration manager" tab! and I enabled it, and tried to install HAXM again, but I got the error again and I saw NO in front of "Virtualization technology again. Now my question is that "is there any way to do so my cup can support it"? or it's a hardware problem?

enter image description here

enter image description here

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According to ark.intel.com, the T5900 series processors do not support VT-x. Not sure why your bios indicates that you have it. Perhaps it supports some VT features but not all the VT features that HAXM requires.

Here are some trouble-shooting tips for installing HAXM. http://software.intel.com/en-us/blogs/2014/03/14/troubleshooting-intel-haxm

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It's a hardware problem. If your CPU doesn't support Intel Virtualization Technology then HAXM will not work for you.

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