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I have started to use Cloudant to host a database for a game I am making. I have figured out how to get a cookie auth session from Cloudant but I cant get down how to use it. From the examples it appears that I have to add the auth key I get into the request header. I have tried a few different ways and I haven't been able to get it to work yet. Here is what I have tied so far.

HttpGet get = new HttpGet("https://myUserName.cloudant.com/crud/welcome");
get.addHeader("AuthSession", AuthSession="authKey");
// i have also tried this
// get.addHeader("AuthSession", "AuthSession=\"authKey\" Expires=date time; Max-Age=86400; Path=/; HttpOnly; Version=1");

But they both result in a 401 not authorized. So I attempt to set permissions on the authKey (not sure if I should have to)

HttpPost permissions = new httpPost("https://myUserName.cloudant.com/api/set_permissions?username=" + auth + "&database=myUserName/crud&roles=_reader");
permissions.setEntity(new UrlEncodedFormEntity(nameValuepairListContainingCredentials));

And even now I get a 401. For my credentials I am just using my username and password to an admin account. Later I will add a user with only the permissions needed to do this work. I just want to get it working for now.

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