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For some reason, every time I upload my package to PyPI, it includes a tests.py file that:

  1. Isn't tracked in git
  2. Isn't even in the project directory anymore
  3. Isn't added to the /dist tarball after running sdist
  4. Isn't in the tarball hosted on Github
  5. Isn't in MANIFEST

Where is it picking this file up from? It was part of my package during development but I've done everything I can to remove it before publishing - and it still shows up.

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point us to your package –  jterrace Mar 15 at 21:46
I would, but this damn tests.py file has some sensitive information in it. –  Josh Mar 15 at 21:48

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Could not figure out the issue with distutils. Switched to setuptools and everything is working correctly, no tests.py being added to the tarball.

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