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Assume the following three things are known:

  • The (x,y) coordinate of point A (the top left point in each of the example triangles shown below),

  • The slope and y-intercept of the line shown in green,

  • An aspect ratio for the target rectangle.

...I would like to find out how to determine the location of the point shown in yellow--which intersects the green line--such that the rectangle shown in black matches the required target aspect ratio.

Thank you.


Three example triangles

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Let's A point has coordinates (ax, ay), and line equation is y=y0+k*x Then

(y0 + k*X - ay) * aspect = X - ax
X * (k*aspect - 1) = ay*aspect - ax - y0*aspect
X = (ay*aspect - ax - y0*aspect) / (k*aspect - 1)
Y = y0+ k*X
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Hi MBo. Thanks for your reply! I had to modify your calculation slightly in order to get a correct result. The change was to use the negative of "aspect" instead of aspect. Regards, -lagouyn –  lagouyn Mar 16 '14 at 5:45

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