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I am new in Flex and I face some difficulties..

I have a swf gallery that load external swf files when you click differnet button..

I have load this swf inside Flex but when I click the buttons it doesn't load the external files..

I use this

<mx:SWFLoader source="@Embed(source='test2.swf')"

I assume that maybe there are some security issues in flex where you can't loda external swf??

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You are mixing dynamic swf loading with embedding assets.

The syntax @Embed is used for embedded assets that are included in the application binary, during compilation. You should write:

<mx:SWFLoader source="test2.swf"

to dynamically load a swf file from the same web server than your app.

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This doesn't seem to work at all...

Flex code

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> 
  <mx:Application xmlns:mx="" >
   <mx:SWFLoader source="test2.swf" />

But it doesn't load the file at all.. test2.swf is just a swf with blue background. But after exporting the project I get a blank page??!

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