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I'am running mono v3.2.8 x64 under ArchLinux (Gnome 3) and noticed this strange behavior when crating a WinForm using this code:

namespace MWFTestApplication {
    class MainWindow : System.Windows.Forms.Form {  
        public MainWindow() {
            string hande = string.Format ("0x{0}", Handle.ToString ("x"));
            Console.WriteLine("Handle: " + hande);

        public static void Main(string[] args) {
            Application.Run(new MainWindow());

When I execute this under ArchLinux I can see the form but the result is like Handle: 0x200000f which obviously cant be right. I can recompile the application and start it again and the Handle does not change until I reboot. Then I get a new invalid Handle.
When I run the same code under Windows I get a new random pointer for each run as expected.
My graphic card is a NVIDIA GTX 690 running driver version 334.21.

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