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I'm trying to build Matplotlib from source with Tkinter.

OSX version 10.9.2

Here is what I have done:

Built tcl8.6 and tk8.6 with configure/make/make install

Built python2.7.6 with configure/make/make install

When I try to build Matplotlib it builds properly except it won't include (build against) Tkinter:

I get this message:


             libpng: 1.6.9
           Tkinter: no
                    * Tkinter present, but header files are not found.
                    * You may need to install development packages.

Why can't it find the Tkinter headers or does it need tk.h?


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Why are you trying to build it all from source yourself? There are binary installers out there and third-party package managers for OS X. –  Ned Deily Mar 16 at 3:17
I am interested in Matplotlib source code. Building allows me to play with it. Now, I want to turn on TkAgg. –  don_q Mar 16 at 3:22
You still can do that without having to build Python itself. It can all be tricky to get everything right. Be aware that the Tk 8.6.1 source release is missing a critical fix for OS X 10.9.x last time I checked. You might want to just use the ActiveTcl binaries which have the fix. (See python.org/download/mac/tcltk and bugs.python.org/issue19373) –  Ned Deily Mar 16 at 4:15
It looks like that fix is in. I just need to know how to tell Python about the location of the tcl/tk headers I think. This can be done without having to fall back on pulling binaries. I can build Matplotlib fine, its just not linking with tkinter properly. –  don_q Mar 18 at 2:45

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