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I got data sets like below:-

patient id-1

Heart rate pattern-82 82 87 87 89 90 89 89 89 89

Blood pressure-110 71

Body temperature-37.2






Alcohol Intake-0

Physical Activity-1


Blood Cholesterol-0

Obesity BMI-17.5


(1=bad(true), 0=good(false))

For Heart rate pattern

>>>est = AdaBoostClassifier()
>>>predictions = est.predict(X_test)

For rest of the data

>>>est = RandomForestClassifier(verbose=2)
>>>predictions = est.predict(X_test)

i only had 264 of test data for training and testing. by mining only the heart rate patterns using AdaBoostClassifier() in sklearn i gain 0.46999999999999997 of accuracy. and for the rest of the data set separately i gain 0.9 accuracy using RandomForestClassifier(verbose=2).

now i need to combine these two results in to single prediction result. since heart rate is a time series i cant combine these two result straight away. What is the best way connect these two results?

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r2_score is a regression score, not a classification score. To evaluate classification, use f1_score, accuracy_score (only suitable for balanced classes) or roc_auc_score (only for binary classification). – ogrisel Mar 16 '14 at 19:10
Thank you Ogrisel.,.,. – thusharaK Mar 17 '14 at 8:16
@ogrisel what is the difference between r2 and f1_score ? what is the most accurate and correct in above scenario? should i bother about both of them or only one? – thusharaK Mar 18 '14 at 4:47
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To combine the classification of two classifiers that output class assignment probabilities (via the predict_proba method) you can average (possibly with some weights) the probabilies and take the argmax over the average predicted class probabilities for the final prediction.

Note: the order of othe columns of the predict_proba output depends on the classes_ attribute of the classifier.

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will you post a sample code to do that? *i just need more clarifications, Im kind a new to scikit learn – thusharaK Mar 18 '14 at 8:26

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