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I have built my own popup view that can load any view from storyboard,and jump up-down to my screen(iPhone).

So for example i have a view-controller i dragged to storyboard,and gave it a name, than i want to load it with a popup view i wrote :

    int swidth=[UIScreen mainScreen].bounds.size.width/2; //dont use it,it gives 160 but place the view outside the screen
    int sheight=[UIScreen mainScreen].bounds.size.height/2;
    int popwidth=100;
    int popheight=150;

    UIView *viewPopup = [[UIView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0,0, popwidth, popheight)];
    UIViewController *vc=[self.storyboard instantiateViewControllerWithIdentifier:viewName];
    [vc.view setFrame:CGRectMake(0,0,popwidth,popheight)];
    [viewPopup addSubview:vc.view];
    [self.view addSubview:viewPopup];

    [UIView animateWithDuration:0.35
         viewPopup.frame = CGRectMake(0,150,popwidth,popheight);

     completion:^(BOOL finished)

  1. if i set its coordinates to be 0 , what happens is that the view background is starts at zero,and all the labels of it , are positioned at the centre of the screen outside the view, so if the view is red, i see a red rect,starting at the left,ends at a third screen size, and a labels(which where in the center of the red view) are in the centre of the screen, outside the red rect .

  2. if i set it to be in swidth, its not placed at screen at all.

What am i missing here ?

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