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Here is my button click code:

protected void ImageButton_Run_Click(object sender, ImageClickEventArgs e)
    if (selectedFilter == "AgentID")
        List<string> selectedValues = CheckBoxList_Options.Items.Cast<ListItem>().Where(li => li.Selected).Select(li => li.Value).ToList();
        var selectedItems = CheckBoxList_Options.Items.Cast<ListItem>().Where(x => x.Selected);


Selected values are always empty even if I have selected checkboxs in chckboxlist. I think values are cleared on postback. How to retain its values. Help me out friends. Thanks in advance :)

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You could use session variable

session["checkBox_selectedItems"]= CheckBoxList_Options.Items.Cast().Where(x => x.Selected); keep in mind, that memory is a limited resource, and it depends on the number of connections at a given time. So, these kind of variables are used to store small amount of data... They are an object, wich means that can store everything you want

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Thanks for your response user3414753. I am doing in this way only. But the problem is i am not getting anything in selected values. I have found the problem and resolved it. –  Bharath Mar 19 '14 at 19:24
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I have binded the data source for checkbox in my button click method. So every time i click the button it gets refreshed on postback and i am losing the selected values in my checkboxlist. I have moved my code to page_load event and i wrapped the code unded if(!ispostback) and everything works fine now. My selections are retained after button click.

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