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I am trying to echo a result without page refresh from php but it simply doesn't do anything but redirect me to an url like multi-pagerank-checker.php?url=google.com&go= also i am not getting any success message alert('form was submitted');

The Ajax call:

<script type="text/javascript">
  $(function () {
    $('Pagerank Form').on('submit', function (e) {
        type: 'post',
        url: 'multi-pagerank-checker.php', // this is the actual url of the page (tried location.href) but did not work
        data: $('Pagerank Form').serialize(),
        success: function () {
          alert('form was submitted');

Now in multi-pagerank-checker.php I have

<form id="check" onsubmit="return validatef()" name="Pagerank Form" class="clearfix">
  <textarea name="url" id="url" onkeydown="foo(this,100)" onfocus="validateonfocus()" onblur="validateonblur()">Enter Domains Separated By New Line -MAX 100 DOMAINS-</textarea>
  <input id="submit" type="submit" name="go" value="" />

and how the script is getting processed on the same page.

  { */
    $urls = $_POST['url']; 
    $urls = str_replace($replace, '', $urls);
  if($urls == "") 
  {} else {
   echo "<table class='shadow' border='0' width='60%' style='margin:0 auto; background:#EFEFEF;border-bottom-left-radius:1em;border-bottom-right-radius:1em;font: 14px Lucida Sans Unicode; text-align:center;'><tr style='font-weight:bold;background: #14a3b4;color: #f5f5f5; font: 15px Lucida Sans Unicode; text-align: center;height:40px;'><td>Website Url</td><td>Google Page Rank</td></tr>";           
   $urls1 = split("\r\n", $urls);
   foreach ($urls1 as $urls) {
     $explode_http = explode("http://", $urls);
     $url_out_http = $explode_http[1];
     $explode_backslash = explode("/", $url_out_http);
     $srd = explode("/",  $explode_http[1]);
     if($srd[0] != "") {
       $url = $url_out_http;
     } elseif($url_out_http == "") {
         $url_d = $explode_http[0];
         $url = rtrim($url_d,"/");
     } else {
        $url_d = $explode_backslash[0];
        $url = rtrim($url_d,"/");
     $url_take_www = str_replace("www.www.$url", "$url", "$url");
     $www_url = "www.".$url_take_www;
     $url = str_replace(" ", "", $url);
     $check_pr = getpr($url);
     $width  = $check_pr * 5;
     $data = get_data("http://www.google.com/search?q=info:$url");
     $pos = preg_match('/<div id=resultStats>(.*?)<\/div>/is',$data);
      <td><?php echo $url;?></td>
      <td style='text-align:center;'><?php echo $check_pr;?>/10</td>
   <!-- in this tr i echo the result -->
<?php } ?> <!--foreach ends here-->

What am I missing? The old method with if isset post is working fine, just that i want to not to reload the page and use ajax. Please help me I am a noob in Ajax and Jquery.


function validatef() {
 var validatef = document.getElementById('url').value;
 var validaterror = document.getElementById('errorvalidate');
 if (validatef == 'Enter Domains Separated By New Line -MAX 100 DOMAINS-') {
  validaterror.textContent = 'Please enter domain names in the field.';
  return false;
 else {
  validaterror.textContent = '';
  var load = document.getElementById('loading'); 
  document.getElementById('check-web-site-ranking').style.height = '200px'; 
  load.innerHTML = '&lt;img src=/images/loading.gif&gt;';
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Done any basic debugging, like checking var_dump($_POST) to see if you're actually getting anything in PHP? –  Marc B Mar 16 at 14:13
$('Pagerank Form') looks for a html element <Pagerank Form> . you have an id for the form check . you could use that instead. so replace $('Pagerank Form') with $('#check') –  anurupr Mar 16 at 14:15
@anurupr Now I am getting the success message, but the result is not echo'ed. Patric Evans Where more exactly i add that code? –  Adrian Mar 16 at 14:17
@MarcB The script in php works, as you see before i had it with if isset post and was working properly. –  Adrian Mar 16 at 14:19
did you change data: $('Pagerank Form').serialize() to data: $('#check').serialize() ? if not please do . –  anurupr Mar 16 at 14:19

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The problem is you are trying to intercept the tag , not the form with that name. You should do it like this:

$('form[name="Pagerank Form"]').on('submit', function (e) {

Even though I suggest you assign a class on the form and do it that way:

$('.formclass').on('submit', function (e) {
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