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I want to protect my /tmp directory to prevent the files inside from getting deleted, however "chmod +t /tmp" does not set the sticky bit. Is there alternative way to it on mac os x?

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/tmp on OS/X is usually a symlink to /private/tmp, so setting permissions on symlink might be the problem here. –  Sami Laine Mar 16 at 14:25
there isn't going to be a solution which does not break your OS. You have to choose different directory for permanent file storage. It's called tmp for a reason. –  edvinas.me Mar 16 at 19:17

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Not with /tmp directory, as it is designed to be wiped upon reboot. Doing this can and will cause problems.

By default, files that aren't accessed in three days are deleted from /tmp

More info: http://superuser.com/questions/187071/in-mac-os-x-how-often-is-tmp-deleted

What you are trying to accomplish is NOT a good idea. Please chose a different folder.

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