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I'm trying to read an file using fscanf but ain't getting it to work as I have expected. as I'm new to C the problem might be my own understanding, but either ways I'm in need of some help.

I got an file whit the flowing structure:

one word 7
flying horse 11
nice guy 7

the first line is telling me how many lines after this one that exist in the file the other lines are holdein 2 words and one int, all separated by a space. I'm trying to, using fscanf to read the file, this is how I'm doing it:

    // get number of lines
    int Number_of_objects_in_file;
    fscanf(MYFILE_File, "%d", &Number_of_objects_in_file);

    //creat 2 arrays to use
    char *Array_of_words[Number_of_objects_in_file][2];
    int *Array_of_int[Number_of_objects_in_file];

    //creat needed variables
    int x = 0;
    int g = Number_of_objects_in_file;

    //read all lines
    while (x < g){
        char *Temp1 = malloc(42*sizeof(char));
        char *Temp2 = malloc(42*sizeof(char));
        int *Temp3 = malloc(3*sizeof(int));
        fscanf(MYFILE_File,"%s %s %d",Temp1,Temp2,Temp3);
        Array_of_words[x][0] = Temp1;
        Array_of_words[x][1] = Temp2;
        Array_of_int[x] = Temp3;
        printf("name added: %s, 2:nd name added: %s and Array_of_int: %d \n",Array_of_words[x][0], Array_of_words[x][1], Array_of_int[x]);

the print statement are printing the names correctly, but when i try to print the int it don't give the correct answerer, instead i get an random number out-printed example*(of one line)*:

name added: one, 2:nd name added: word and Array_of_int: 463455

and it is supposed to look like this:

name added: one, 2:nd name added: word and Array_of_int: 7

. I can't figure out where I'm doing something wrong, hope you guys can help me.

I'm using -std=c99 -Wall

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This is happening because you declared your Temp3 variable as an int* instead of an int, which was really unneeded since you only want to read a single value. Then, when you print this variable, it's printing the memory location instead of the value that was read.

Either change your declaration to int and stop malloc()ing this variable or print Temp3[0] instead.

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