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Hi guys I'm trying to integrate the current media name/artist in my python app and I can't seem to get it to work.

I did the same thing with iTunes with almost no issues whatsoever but for some reasons I can't manage to get the correct instance of windows media player

wmp = win32com.client.gencache.EnsureDispatch("WMPlayer.OCX")

gets me a valid wmp instance but when I try to get the current media using


It returns nothing whatsoever and getting the volume like this:


returns a different volume than my actual opened windows media player volume.

Is there something I'm not aware of? I tried using WMPlayer.OCX.7 as well but that doesn't work if anyone can help me it w ould be more than appreciated!

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I'm pretty sure that what your code currently does is create a separate instance of the media player. –  Eric Brown Mar 17 at 0:56
Only possible if you run python 2.x, as you need to implement a custom interface using comtypes Infos here: stackoverflow.com/questions/19452001/… and here stackoverflow.com/questions/19613750/… –  manuell Mar 17 at 9:44

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Windows Media Player supports several runnable instances. Creating the OCX in the way you're doing creates a separate instance of the player, which, of course, doesn't have any media loaded.

The usual way to find the "master" instance would be to look in the Running Object Table, but Windows Media Player doesn't do that. Instead, you need to use "remote" mode.

This isn't terribly well documented, but there's a VB.Net sample here, translated from a C# sample here. There are C++ samples in the Windows SDK, in the \Multimedia\WMP_11\cpp\RemoteSkin directory.

None of this, unfortunately, is in Python. But hopefully the existing samples will help you out.

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Maybe try and use something like GetObject(None, "WMPlayer.OCX")) insted of EnsureDispatch? I think that EnsureDispatch makes a separate .exe instance typically. Using GetObject should 'latch' onto the current instance and make it available as an object.

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