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here this is the node definition

class Node(object):
    def __init__(self,value=None):
       self.value = value
       self.next = None

this is the conversion for the code a number to linked list

def number_to_list(number):
    head,tail = None,None
    p = True
    for x in str(number):
        if x=='-':
            p = False
            if p:
                node = Node(int(x))
                node = Node(int("-"+x))
        if head:
            tail.next = node
            head = node
        tail = node
    return head

this is code for conversion of linked list to number

 def list_to_number(head):
    neg = False
    num = ''
    for number in head:
        val = str(number)
        if (val.find('-')!= -1):
            neg = True
    if (neg==False):
        return int(num)
        return -1*int(num)

here it is the test cases

def test_number_to_list():
    import listutils

    head = number_to_list(120)
    assert [1,2,0] == listutils.from_linked_list(head)
    assert 120 == list_to_number(head)

    head = number_to_list(0)
    assert [0] == listutils.from_linked_list(head)
    assert 0 == list_to_number(head)

    head = number_to_list(-120)
    assert [-1, -2, 0] == listutils.from_linked_list(head)
    assert -120 == list_to_number(head)

here from_linked_list means

 # avoids infinite loops
 def from_linked_list(head):
    result = []
    counter = 0
    while head and counter < 100: # tests don't use more than 100 nodes, so bail if you loop 100 times.
        head = head.next
        counter += 1
    return result

at last in this the problem is while converting the linked list to single number it is encountering an error i.e.,node object is not iterable

please help me out of this to write the code

def list_to_number(head):
    neg = False
    num = ''
   for number in  head:
        val = str(number)
       TypeError: 'Node' object is not iterable

here this is the traceback

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Please include the exact traceback as well –  Alex Koukoulas Mar 16 at 15:54
i edited my traceback in the code please check it and help me to write the code @user3387584 –  user3397770 Mar 16 at 16:02

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for number in head:

is not a correct way to iterate of the list.

You need to start from head and then follow the chain of next references.

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then how should i do please tell me i have strucked in this since two days please help me out of this @NPE –  user3397770 Mar 16 at 16:05
sorry for asking can you give me an example to do this @NPE –  user3397770 Mar 16 at 16:07
i have tried so far.can you please help me how to write the code? @NPE –  user3397770 Mar 16 at 16:17
how to follow a chain please tell me to do this? –  user3397770 Mar 16 at 16:28
def list_to_number(head): p = True num = '' if head == '-': p = False while head: val = str(head) num = num+val.replace('-','') head = head.next if p == False: return -1*num else: return num pass but it is giving assertion error –  user3397770 Mar 16 at 16:45

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