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I'm using jQuery to run through all the inputs within a section that I have set from hidden to show, and add required calsses, so as to catch the validation.

$("#" + dependant).find("input[type!='radio']").addClass('required');

Works fine, but I also want to exclude the submits. In normal xPath I would;

input[type!='radio' and type!='submit']

I acheived a work around using .each() and an additional IF;

$("#" + dependant).find("input[type!='radio']").each(function()
    if ($(this).attr(type) != 'submit')

But it strikes me there must be an easier, cleaner way of combining contraints....

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See Traversing and Selectors in the jQuery docs.

$("#" + dependant).find(":input").not(':radio').not(':submit').addClass('required');
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You can do:

$("#" + dependant).find("input[type!='radio'][type!='submit']").addClass('required');

See multiple attribute selector:

Description: Matches elements that match all of the specified attribute filters.

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