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I have JSHint installed:

alex@alex-K43U:~$ which jshint

And I'm pointing to it on my .vimrc:

" Syntastic
let g:syntastic_check_on_open=1
let g:syntastic_javascript_checkers = ['jshint']
let g:syntastic_jshint_exec='/home/alex/nvm/v0.8.8/bin/jshint'

Vim seems to be detecting it:

Syntastic: active mode enabled
Syntastic info for filetype: javascript
Available checker(s): jshint
Currently enabled checker(s): jshint

But when I open a .js file I get stuff like this:

checker javascript/jshint returned abnormal status

And no error highlight at all. What could be the problem?

(I even added a .jshintrc file in my home path but no luck)


"~/www/coffeescript/js/script.js" 11L, 193C
syntastic: 8.443991: g:syntastic_version = '3.4.0'
syntastic: 8.455821: &shell = '/bin/bash', &shellcmdflag = '-c', &shellpipe = '2>&1| tee', &shellquote = '', &shellredir = '>%s 2>&1', &shellslash = 0, &shellt
emp = 1, &shellxquote = ''
syntastic: 8.508374: g:syntastic_aggregate_errors = 0
syntastic: 8.528577: getcwd() = /home/alex
syntastic: 8.567175: CacheErrors: Invoking checker: javascript/jshint
syntastic: 8.625888: SyntasticMake: called with options: {'errorformat': '%E%f: line %l\, col %v\, %m', 'defaults': {'bufnr': 1}, 'makeprg': '/home/alex/nvm/v0
.8.8/bin/jshint --config ~/.jshintrc /home/alex/www/coffeescript/js/script.js', 'returns': [0, 2]}
syntastic: 8.688247: checker output: ['/usr/bin/env: node: No such file or directory', '']
syntastic: 8.707693: raw loclist: [{'lnum': 0, 'bufnr': 0, 'col': 0, 'valid': 0, 'vcol': 0, 'nr': -1, 'type': '', 'pattern': '', 'text': '/usr/bin/env: node: N
o such file or directory'}, {'lnum': 0, 'bufnr': 0, 'col': 0, 'valid': 0, 'vcol': 0, 'nr': -1, 'type': '', 'pattern': '', 'text': ''}]
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Does jshint work from your shell executed with the same argument as syntastic? –  romainl Mar 16 at 17:44
@romainl you mean like this? alex@alex-K43U:~/www/coffeescript/js$ jshint script.js script.js: line 3, col 3, Missing "use strict" statement. Yes, it works. –  alexchenco Mar 16 at 17:49
What is the output of $ jshint --version? –  romainl Mar 16 at 18:38
@romainl jshint v2.4.4 –  alexchenco Mar 17 at 11:44
It can't locate node. –  romainl Mar 17 at 11:54

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