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I'm trying to use python to serve web pages, and I'm using Apache In Windows 7, and mod_wsgi. I Installed everything correctly, I got the Apache "It works!" page fine.

I followed the instructions in the page below.

I'm using 64 bit Windows 7, Apache 64 bit, mod_wsgi also 64 bit.


But once I point it to the python file like.


enter image description here

It displays the source code without executing it. Can anyone tell me where did I do the screw up in the installation ? Did mod_wsgi is the issue here or python ? version issues ?

Any help would be appreciated.

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I am not sure but can you please use return instead of print and check if this works –  MaNKuR Mar 16 at 18:32
definitely after putting this bunch of code to a method. –  MaNKuR Mar 16 at 18:47
You don't seem to have understood that blog entry at all. mod_wsgi is for serving a WSGI application, not a standalone Python script. –  Daniel Roseman Mar 16 at 18:49

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I was once used this in unix environment(just change the shebang) and it works just fine for me. I kept everything in method like

#! /usr/bin/python
def check(form=None, key=''):
  if form == None:
  return -1
  value = form.has_key(key)
  if value == False:
     return -1
  return 0

def index():
  return check()

Please see the details of print In Django, how do I allow print statements to work with Apache WSGI?

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