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While building an app using node-webkit for windows, I need to print without the dialogue box. Is this possible?

Similar to: http://drziegler.net/kiosksilent-printing-in-google-chrome/

Any help is appreciated.

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I am pretty sure this is still unimplemented at this point. There is an issue on github for it, and it seemed to be a very popular feature request.


Printing support was just added in April, This was in the release notes for 0.50.

  • Printing support (#56): window.print() works now. The print preview feature is not included yet. We plan to add it before 0.5.2 release.
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The current release is 0.9.2. Is this feature implemented yet? If yes, how do I enable it? –  Nitin Jun 20 '14 at 19:58
I just called window.print() and my standard print dialog opened, and it worked. Keep in mind this still won't solve your original request for printing without the dialog box. –  John W. Clark Jun 30 '14 at 21:40

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