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Using wysiwyg version: 7.x-2.2+29-dev with ckeditor library version: 4.3.2.ba625e6.

wysiwyg ckeditor profile configured with "Advanced Content Filter" set to "disabled".

When I paste a word document into ckeditor, it appears that the "rteindent1", "rteindent2", etc classes are stripped and changed to

tags. If I paste an html document into ckeditor with the same classes, the class tags are preserved, but do the text is not indented.

wysiwyg profile configured to use "Editor css", so I modified ckeditor library styles.js and added this line to CKEDITOR.stylesSet.add

{ name: 'rteindent1', element: 'class', styles: {'margin-left': '40px' } }

But the editor still strips out the rteindents. Any suggestions?


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