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Hi I´m fairly new to HtmlUnit, I got a project where I want to fetch some information from a side and till now everything went smooth finding elements via name or id. But I was unable to get the following Paragraph Element.

<iframe id="content_ifr" frameborder="0" src="javascript:""" allowtransparency="true" title=".." style="width: 100%; height: 307px; display: block;">
<head> ... </head>
<body id="tinymce" class="mceContentBody content post-type-coupon wp-editor" contenteditable="true" onload="window.parent.tinyMCE.get('content').onLoad.dispatch();" dir="ltr">
<p>------ Text from the Element i want to get ------- </p>

I tried already:

side.getByXPath("//html/body/p");// zero elements
side.getByXpath("//p");// 27 element but wrong.
side.getByXpath("//body");// 1 element but wrong.
side.getByXpath("//html");// 1 element but wrong.
side.getByXpath("//html/body/div[3]/div[3]/div[2]/div/div[4]/form/div/div/div/div[2]/div/div[2]/span/table/tbody/tr[2]/td/iframe"); // Zero elements found

I checked all elements the Code found with this:

List<?> list =gPage.getByXPath("//p");
    for(Object x:list){
        HtmlElement y=(HtmlElement) x;

So in conclusion I couldn´t find the Paragraph Element by his Text. Could you help me find the Paragraph element, so that I´m able to read and write from/to it?

        //Initialize WebClient
        final WebClient webClient= new WebClient(BrowserVersion.FIREFOX_24);

        //Perform a login.
        final HtmlPage page = webClient.getPage("");        
        final HtmlForm form = page.getForms().get(1);
        final HtmlTextInput username = form.getInputByName("log");
        final HtmlPasswordInput pw = form.getInputByName("pwd");
        HtmlPage page2 =  (HtmlPage) form.getButtonByName("login").click();

        //Get gutscheinPage
        HtmlPage gutscheinPage= webClient.getPage("");

        //Change Content of Textfield
        HtmlPage pageFrame = (HtmlPage) gutscheinPage.getFrames().get(0).getEnclosedPage();
        HtmlElement body =pageFrame.getBody();
        HtmlParagraph p =(HtmlParagraph) body.getByXPath("//p").get(0);

Done: Change the webClient default Browser and wait for Jscript,use getFrames, find the body and use the now easy XPath to provide me with my Paragraph Element.

I really hope someone will find this helpfull for their own work.

Thanks for every answer.

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As you can see, it's in an iframe. I guess you need switch into the frame first.

Here is the documentation which you should have a try.

// untested Java code, please debug and read documentation yourself

final List<FrameWindow> window = page.getFrames();
final HtmlPage pageTwo = (HtmlPage) window.get(0).getEnclosedPage();

// then find TinyMCE's body, which should be treated as a separated HTML page
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This works now, added some extra Code on the webClient. final WebClient webClient= new WebClient(BrowserVersion.FIREFOX_24); and webClient.waitForBackgroundJavaScript(10000); –  Schnorzel Mar 17 at 16:39

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