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let's say that we have two arrays:

var a = ['Tomo', 'Joseph','Alan'];
var b = ['Brzica', 'Smith', 'Adams'];

How to merge these arrays using undersoreJS (or plain javascript if underscore is not the way to do it) to get:

c=['Tomo Brzica','Joseph Smith', 'Alan Adams']

Thanks in advance!

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try this:

c = _.map(a, function (item, index) {
   return item + " " + b[index];
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Works like charm, thank you. I will accept this as answer. –  Tomislav Mar 16 at 21:48

You can try this

c = _.map(_.zip(a, b), function (elem) {
    return elem.join(" ");
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This is correct answer also. –  Tomislav Mar 16 at 21:52

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