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I have a UserControl in a Window. During the lifespan of the application, that Window is sometimes closed and when the user needs it again a new instance is made.

At some point the UserControl needs to display a dialog and needs to pass it's parent control to that dialog as the owner. Here's the catch: the first time the Window is created and the control has to show a dialog, everything works just fine. It calls Window.GetWindow(this) and passes the result to the dialog. However, when the Window is closed and later a new instance is created and the UserControl opens the dialog, then I get the following exception:

Cannot set Owner property to a Window that has been closed.

Whenever the Window is created, this code is called:

var window = new ControllerConfigurationWindow() { Owner = this };

So it's clearly a new instance, and of course while displaying the dialog, the window is open... I'm not closing it anywhere...

So I'm wondering - and it makes no sense in my mind as I say this - but could it be that Window.GetWindow(this) somehow gives me the parent of an old instance?

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Never mind... I wasn't thinking... This is what happened:

When the Window is created, the event handlers are hooked up, but I didn't unhook them anywhere... so the code was indeed called on a window that was already closed.

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