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Class A, I create a session using Shiro:

Subject currentUser = null;
currentUser = SecurityUtils.getSubject();
Session session = currentUser.getSession(true);
session.setAttribute("currentUser", username);  

Class B, I have a restful web service method that is trying to get the username session:

HttpSession session = request.getSession();
String currentUser = (String) session.getAttribute("currentUser");
logger.debug("currently logged in user is: " + currentUser);

logger shows currentUser as null

Question: How to get the currentUser session from my code? Is this correct? I am novice with Shiro. Can someone help?

I have read about shiro DefaultWebSessionManager from shiro's site tutorial but cannot understand it. Can someone give me an example of how I can achieve this?

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Read all the reference doc for shiro, it isn't very long.

Then look at this sample project for help with configuration and use of shiro api.

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