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I have a directory structure that looks like this:


each subdir contains a lot of stuff so to compress/extract Somedir takes a long time. I want to compress each Subdir seperately, but I need each archive to contain the path

Somedir/SubdirN/contents_of_SubdirN  # for N in [1, 2, 3]

At the moment I am compressing SomeDir then copying it 3 times, and for each archive, removing 2 of the Subdirs. But I feel like there is a better way.

Is there some way I can either compress SubdirN by itself, then add Somedir to the root of the archive, and move SubdirN into Somedir, or compress SubdirN specifying that it should be compressed into a directory called Somedir?

Or possibly some other way of doing this?

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After a lot of searching I was unable to find on option for 7zip to do this. I ended up writing a python script that copied what I wanted archived to another location in the hierarchy I wanted, then calling 7zip on the directory.

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