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I am trying to create an simplified version of my problem at jsFiddler or plunker (so ill be able to ask a clearer question here).

My problem is that I am using a package (videojs-youtube) that is not on a CDN and I need to make it available.

I have tried to follow couple of answers that advise to use raw || raw2 || rawgithub or any version of that - but that does not work.


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I've voted to migrate this to meta. Note that posting questions with links to code, as opposed to creating an SSCE, is discouraged. –  bmargulies Mar 17 at 0:42
SSCE? none of the acronomes I found makes sense. acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/SSCE –  special0ne Mar 17 at 14:35
small self-contained example. –  bmargulies Mar 17 at 16:16
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