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I'm new to angular and I have a user route which I'm attempted to resolve the user object for before rendering the view. I've injected $q and deferred the promise, however, the view is still loading before the promise is returned.


.when('/user/:userId', {
    templateUrl: 'user/show.html',
    controller: 'UserController',
    resolve: {
        user: userCtrl.loadUser


var userCtrl = app.controller('UserController', ['$scope',
        $scope.user = user; // User is undefined

        // This fires before the user is resolved
        console.log("Fire from the controller");


userCtrl.loadUser = ['Restangular', '$route', '$q',
    function(Restangular, $route, $q) {

        var defer = $q.defer();'users', $route.current.params.userId).get().then(function(data) {
            console.log("Fire from the promise");

        return defer.promise;
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It might be that the promise is not being resolved successfully. As per the docs, $routeProvider should wait until all promises are resolved before firing the $routeChangeSuccess event and switching the view. – miqid Mar 17 '14 at 3:28
Please put your answer in an... answer and accept it :) – Benjamin Gruenbaum Mar 17 '14 at 21:32

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After looking through the Github issues, I found a similar problem and resolved it with the following:

userCtrl.loadUser = ['Restangular', '$route',
    function(Restangular, $route) {
        return'users', $route.current.params.userId).get();
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