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I have been using the JavaMail API for quite sometime now and I have been implementing the POP3 protocol.
I am planning to implement the IMAP protocol now and wanted to know what are the necessary properties that I need to set for supporting IMAP.
I have currently set the following properties -

Properties props = System.getProperties();
props.setProperty("mail.imap.ssl.enable", "true");
props.setProperty("mail.imap.connectiontimeout", strConnectionTimeOut);

Are there any mandatory properties that need to be set in order to support IMAP?
Any help/advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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No properties are mandatory. What you need to set depends on the mail server you're using.

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So, is it possible to connect to the POP3/IMAP server just by changing the parameter of session.getStore() ? –  Anjan Baradwaj Mar 17 '14 at 7:14
Mostly, yes. But again, if you've set properties to configure the POP3 connection, you may need to set similar properties to configure the IMAP connection. –  Bill Shannon Mar 17 '14 at 18:24

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