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Are OMA DRM v1 and v2 supported on Android?

If no, is it planned?

is there any third party library that implements OMA DRAM v1 & v2?

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The short answer is that it doesn't exist, but it looks like there are 3rd-party libraries.

From the mailing list:

Only forward lock is supported. We don't have any plans to include an OMA DRM2 solution as part of open source. Packet Video has solutions available for license, and I imagine that other companies will also offers solutions in the future.

It looks like he's talking about Packet Video's core. I don't know any more about it than that page tells us though.

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I am currently looking at the same question, and on the web I found:

http://www.discretix.com/PDF/Discretix_DRM.pdf and http://www.irdeto.com/documents/HL_CW_OMA_DRM_Android_EN_H.pdf

which says to support Android. But I have no experience with it myself.

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any experience with any DRM on android ? –  Shrenik Jun 6 '12 at 8:15

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