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I have a button, proceedBtn. I set it in the interface builder to disable. I have radio buttons that I want to be selected before proceedBtn to be enabled. How to I set proceedBtn to enabled in the onRadioBtn function.

    Singleton *single = [Singleton sharedInstance];
    _statusLabel.text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"Selected: %@", sender.titleLabel.text];
    single.rb = sender.titleLabel.text;

    NSLog(@"%@", sender.titleLabel.text);

- (IBAction)proceedBtn:(UIButton *)sender
    Singleton *single = [Singleton sharedInstance];

    NSLog(@"%@", single.rb);
    if([single.rb  isEqualToString: @"Choose Friend(s)"])
        [self nameWallToFriends];
        [self nameWallToChooseHome];
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write a global IBOutlet(in .h interface file) for your button and enable or disable where ever required.

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Thank you! IBOutlet was what I needed. Works perfectly! – Sean Cleveland Mar 17 '14 at 8:21

Enable it programmatically by any of your desired method from the same class :

[proceedBtnOutlet setEnabled:YES];
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