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We have a java server running an eclipse infocenter. The setup is standard; pretty much according to the help. One of our plugin helps have links to a XSD file and we want to be able to display that. The problem is that the XSD schema is shown as text/plain instead of text/xml.

How can we set the content type of the filetypes?

Edit: The infocenter requires the plugins:


So I'm guessing the server is a tomcat

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what is the server? – Bozho Feb 11 '10 at 14:15

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So the answer to this problem is that there is a file in the Jetty server that determines how to handle different filetype. For *.xsd it is defaulted to text/plain.

The solution was to decompile org.mortbay.jetty*.jar, change the file by adding xsd = application/xml at the end. And then recompiling it again.

Piece of cake. Only took two years to find out :)

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Though I'm not exactly sure about your setup, adding a dependency on org.eclipse.wst.xsd.ui would add the XSD editor to an Eclipse application in general.

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