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I have a HTML Listbox and I need to add values to it on the page load. I have tried to call a JS function on page load event on both <body> tag and <select> tag but it does not execute the the function.

<body onload='popListbox(<%=session.getAttribute("objNames")%>)'>

<select id="lstObjects" onload='popListbox(<%=session.getAttribute("objNames")%>)'>

If I try onclick it executes fine but not in onload event. Can someone help me with this.?

UPDATE: my JS function

function popListbox(objList){

var select = document.getElementById("lstObjects");
var objects = objList;
var objects_array = [];
for(var i in objects) {
    if(objects.hasOwnProperty(i) && !isNaN(+i)) {
        objects_array[+i] = objects[i];
for(var i = 0; i < objects_array.length; i++) {
    var opt = objects_array[i];
    var el = document.createElement("option");
    el.textContent = opt;
    el.value = opt;


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try document.ready

$( document ).ready(function() {

//your code here


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If I use this method how can I pass the parameter I'm passing in my popListbox() method.? –  Sajirupee Mar 17 at 8:59
var objNames = '<%= Session["objNames"] %>' –  Amarnath R Shenoy Mar 17 at 9:06
u can use that variable as your parameter –  Amarnath R Shenoy Mar 17 at 9:06
there are alot of ways which will help you to access values from your session using javascript and jquery –  Amarnath R Shenoy Mar 17 at 9:07
it takes all inside single quotes as string value. is there any other way.? :/ –  Sajirupee Mar 17 at 9:13

What's the JS function? I suspect, because only the body tag has an onload handler, perhaps your js function is not aware of the element context when it is triggered from document root.

function popListbox(objList){
var select = document.getElementById('lstObjects');
for(i=0,ic=objList.length;i<ic;++i) {
    var el=document.createElement('option');

I don't know why it doesn't work but I rewrote it because it's the same result

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I have added my JS function. please look into it. –  Sajirupee Mar 17 at 8:26

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