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I am using APEX 4.2.4 and I try to create a dialog box that contains a Rick Text Editor (CKEditor3).

I added a Rich Text Editor field in a region (region id: #notification) and set style="display:none;" to this region. Then I have a button that when clicked, it executes the following JS code and triggers the modal:

function notification() {
  var jqDialog = $('#notification').dialog(
    { modal: true,
      autoOpen: true,
      width: '500px',
      closeOnEscape: true

When the button is clicked, the modal opens as it should, but the iframe for the editor is empty (cannot click in it and add content).

If I remove the editor from the modal and just render it with the page load normaly, I see the editor and it's editable without a problem. But from the moment I hide it (either with display:none; or visibility:hidden;) and then use the modal to display it, it won't be editable anymore.

It doesn't work in Firefox 27.0.1 and Chrome 33.0.1750.154 m but it works in IE 10 and 11.

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Most likely it is a bug, which was described there http://bugs.jqueryui.com/ticket/4727. But as for me this solution doesn't work. Due to the nature of the apex it is impossible to put a jquery-ui-dialog-patch-ckeditor.js file immediately after init ckeditor file in <head> tag. The only one solution works:

  1. In "Page Attributes" in region "Execute when Page Loads" write:

    $('#notification').dialog( { modal: true, autoOpen: true, width: 500, closeOnEscape: true, autoOpen: false } );

  2. Then, in your dynamic action, on event 'click' for your button you can redefine dialog options and open dialog:

    $('#notification').dialog( { modal: true, autoOpen: true, width: 700, height: 400, closeOnEscape: true, autoOpen: false } );


It works on all modern browsers, include IE 10 and 11.

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