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I have a callback function as below (sample code of project for reference). The Global data is updated by a thread reading data from database. Set of other threads read the global data which is updated by database and send it to all clients (one thread = 100 clients). And this global data is passed as a reference to callback function.

All the clients should see the same data. But what happens is sometimes the client receive different data because thread1. updates the reference object.

How can i protect the data structure passed in such scenario, by guaranteeing that all client receive same data. And also keeping note that thread1 should not be blocking by waiting for clients to finish consuming.

I thought of using ReadWriteSlimLock but this could potentially block the writer thread1 until all my clients consume.

    Class Base
        DateTime dayTime;
        int x;
        float y;
        decimal z;

    static Dictionary<int , Base> dict = new Dictionary<int , Base>();

    static void CallBackSendData(Base[] arrayObj)

    static Base[] GetData()
        Base[]  arryObj = new Base[dict.Count];
        //Dictionary is always fixed nothing added or removed.
        int i = 0;
        foreach(var x in dict)
            arrayObj[i++] = x.value;

        return arrayObj;

    //Running in Thread1
    static void thread1()
        //ReadWriteSlimLock take writer lock
        //ReadWriteSlimLock release

    //Running in Thread2, thread3, thread4,....
    static void SendDataToClient()
       Base[] arrayObj = null;
        //ReadWriteSlimLock take read lock
       foreach(var x in clients)
           arrayObj = GetData();


       //ReadWriteSlimLock release
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