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We have recently upgraded an application in which we have our own embedded Groovy code to trigger certain things. Previously the application had the Groovy 1.6 library and since upgrading now uses the 1.8 library. However this is where we run into problems, certain pieces of code now do not run and they generally have the error:

    System exception occurred: class=class java.lang.ClassNotFoundException

Are there fundamental differences in the code I should be looking for? Or anywhere that there is a list of differences between the 2 libraries.

Thanks in Advance

Edit to include trace:

    Groovy Job Inbound is Failed.
    System exception occurred: class=class java.lang.ClassNotFoundException, 
    Inbound (compact stack trace follows)
    com. application.argo.business.GroovyJobManagerPea$1.doInTransaction(GroovyJobManagerPea.java:76)
    com. application.framework.persistence.hibernate.PersistenceTemplate.invoke(PersistenceTemplate.java:137)
    com. application.argo.business.GroovyJobManagerPea.executeGroovy(GroovyJobManagerPea.java:70)
    com. application.argo.business.GroovyJobManagerPea.executeGroovyPlugin(GroovyJobManagerPea.java:56)
    com. application.framework.persistence.hibernate.PersistenceInterceptor.invoke(PersistenceInterceptor.java:131)
    com. application.argo.portal.job.GroovyJob.executeGroovyPlugin(GroovyJob.java:99)
    com. application.argo.portal.job.GroovyJob.executeTargetTask(GroovyJob.java:83)
    com. application.argo.portal.job.AbstractJob.executeInternal(AbstractJob.java:71)
    com. application.framework.quartz.InterruptableQuartzJobBean.execute(InterruptableQuartzJobBean.java:50), root cause=class java.lang.ClassNotFoundException / Inbound.
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I'm sure that a complete stacktrace would help –  reto Mar 17 at 10:00
The release notes? –  Dave Newton Mar 17 at 10:01
The release notes of which Dave? The application or the Groovy? –  LaLa Mar 17 at 10:14
@reto I have added the trace. –  LaLa Mar 17 at 10:22
Is there any logging that gives you a clue as to which class is not found? How did you do the upgrade? Do you have GROOVY_HOME set? –  tim_yates Mar 17 at 12:46

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There's a huge difference between (org.codehaus.) Groovy 1.6 and 1.8. I remember when I upgraded from 1.6 to 1.7, and again from 1.7 to 1.8, and neither were pleasant activities, involving lots of little code changes to get things working again. So it's likely you need to change your embedded Groovy code to make it work.

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