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I'm using Winston logger for node.js, and everytime I restart the app, the logs get overwritten by the blank ones, starting at the moment of the restart. I need to keep the logs, SPECIALLY when I have to restart the app, since it's surely due to an error. I've read the documentation at GitHub, but found nothing about this. This is how I'm using the transports:

winston.add(winston.transports.Console, {
    level: config.logLevel,
    silent: false,
    colorize: true, 
    timestamp: true
winston.add(winston.transports.File, {
    filename: config.logFile,
    maxsize: 524288000, // 500MB
    maxFiles: 4,
    handleExceptions: true,
    json: false,
    level: 'debug'

Is there any way to rotate the logs on app restart so I can see what happenned? Thanks!

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