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I want be able click on link from drop down using selenium with phpunit. I don't have any idea how make it happens, can anyone show me example or relevant tutorial, post or anything that can help me figure out.

when I try click on the element without put mouse over the drop down I got this error:

Element is not currently visible and so may not be interact with command ....


EDIT: when I said "drop down" I don't mean regular select. it more like popup you can see the example here:

look how they build the menu I want be able click on 'Technical' -> 'Fibonacci Calculator' for example.

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Check this post out: Selenium: How to select an option from a select menu?

You can find more info about this here

select(selectLocator, optionLocator)


    selectLocator - an element locator identifying a drop-down menu
    optionLocator - an option locator (a label by default)

Select an option from a drop-down using an option locator.

Option locators provide different ways of specifying options of an HTML Select element (e.g. for selecting a specific option, or for asserting that the selected option satisfies a specification). There are several forms of Select Option Locator.

    label=labelPattern: matches options based on their labels, i.e. the visible text. (This is the default.)
    value=valuePattern: matches options based on their values.
    id=id: matches options based on their ids.
    index=index: matches an option based on its index (offset from zero).

If no option locator prefix is provided, the default behaviour is to match on label.

Credits go to Dave Hunt

What I use:

$search13 = $this->webDriver->findElement(WebDriverBy::id('id_of_dropdown_field'));
$search13->click(); // Clicking on the dropdownfield

$this->webDriver->getKeyboard()->pressKey('ARROW_DOWN'); // Will go down in your dropdown selection )


$this->webDriver->getKeyboard()->pressKey('ENTER'); // Enter for submitting your selection

EDIT: This one explains it in java but basically what he does is a mouse over/hover and wait. Then he clicks on the element. I'm not a java genius but it's an example how to work with it.

You can use the:

string mouseOver(string $locator)

This simulates a user hovering a mouse over the specified element.

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thanks, but see my edit I don't need the regular select option. (if no one will get right answer soon I will mark your answer as a right answer). – Dennis Mar 19 '14 at 10:34
Hmm that's an annoying one, you can click on the menu but then only the side submenu doesn't show in the interface. A fast workaround is going to the URL itself. ' ' this one then. Or you can click on Tools --> shows next interface --> click on 'Trading Calculators ' – Decypher Mar 19 '14 at 11:41
the idea is create the test that will be able work with menu changes – Dennis Mar 19 '14 at 12:28
Try to use: string mouseOver(string $locator) This simulates a user hovering a mouse over the specified element.… – Decypher Mar 19 '14 at 13:19

Check if the element is visible using the xpath of the required option value.

$this->isElementPresent($xpath); $this->click($xpath);

If it is true, then click() method selects the specified option.

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