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Google+ ignores the preview images of my website.

Proposed solutions I tried

I read some posts about this "possible" problem and tried to implement the proposed solutions but still have no positive results.

My questions

It works fine with Facebook but Google+ still ignores my preview images.

Can anybody check the source-code? Maybe I did something wrong :-)

I use one of the new top-level-domains ".photography". Could that be the problem?


Here is one example page: http://bavaga.photography/galleries/rome-italy/image/2010-08-12-18-54-19-00001-rome-italy.jpg/

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When I look at the share preview, I see Google trying show an image but it's broken so the markup seems to be working. Maybe Google just has a broken image cached or maybe they are having trouble processing that image for some reason. If you have been changing the markup and testing a lot the G+ snippet might not be current since it's cached. –  abraham Mar 17 at 12:29
Also note that Google+ has been changing how it processes and displays links to websites and their metadata. Things are still shaking out there so a lot of things might be broken while they do. –  Prisoner Mar 17 at 14:28
Hmm, this looks ok - it renders OK in the rich snippets tool, so may well be a G+ snippet bug: google.com/webmasters/tools/… –  Ian Barber Mar 17 at 16:57
Thank you all for your help! It looks like G+ has problems with the new top-level domains. I tried it with an old style ".com"-Domain and it works fine. Maybe I have to be more patient :-) –  bavaga Mar 17 at 19:27
I will try to contact Google and ask them what the problem is or could be! Gona keep you up to date. Wish me luck ;-) –  bavaga Mar 17 at 19:29

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Google has fixed this problem!

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