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I struggling to make my mapView rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise with using 2 finger touch and rotate. But I'm unable to achieve this. I'm using a navigational drawer, and my mapview is a fragment class. I'm not fully sure if I can insert touch event? I tried onTouchListener, but nothing basically happened. I even followed this: Android Two finger rotation But nothing. Can anyone suggest me how to manually rotate mapview?

My mapview is using osmdroid for android. And when I tried the above link, it was zooming rather rotating, not sure whether my listener was listening or not. Any other better methods where I can enable 2 finger gesture rotation of mapview on android?

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possible duplicate of Two finger rotation for OSMdroid mapview –  kurtzmarc Mar 17 at 12:48
Yes, I got it. I'd not seen my earlier post. Anyways thanks Kurtzmarc! –  zIronManBox Mar 18 at 3:43
Hi again, I did tried that. Unfortunately, it not working. I'm not sure what might be the problem. I'm running couple of cases, one with rotation enabled with respect to compass and other manual rotation. Its seems like its not even calling that class. Here the implementation: mRotationGestureOverlay = new RotationGestureOverlay(activity, mapView); mRotationGestureOverlay.setEnabled(false); mapView.getOverlays().add(this.mRotationGestureOverlay); –  zIronManBox Mar 19 at 4:12
Sorry again, I have it working. But the new problem is its very sensitive. A small 2finger touch and just drag is cause it to rotate 360deg multiple times. How can I control sensitivity? –  zIronManBox Mar 19 at 4:36
Apologize, I got it fixed. I took the absolute values to rotate.Thanks for your help! –  zIronManBox Mar 19 at 4:48

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