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I'm new to sed, trying to write a script to find/replace text in a file. The file (test.txt) looks like this;

   hello_world (

and I'm finding that this script (which I inherited):

sed -i 's/\(^\s*hello_world \)(.*)/\1hello_world (' test.txt

is leading to;

   hello_world hello_world (

when I need it to be

   hello_world (

I'm not sure how to make the first part match only the parentheses, any assistance would be appreciated.


  • The whitespace before the hello_world is important
  • The sed line is being auto-generated using variables etc. I'm looking for a way to make this regex work without changing that. The variables I have to play with are

    • variable1: hello_world
    • variable2: hello_world (

(hopefully it's obvious where these variables sat within the sed expression)


I got this sorted in the end, answer below if anyone else is interested.

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Your edit doesn't make it clear what you're looking for. It seems from the edit that you cannot change the sed expression? – devnull Mar 17 '14 at 12:04
I could change the sed expression, but it was of the format: (..regex..)variable1(..regex..)variable2(..regex..) and I wanted a solution that wouldn't involve changing the variables (which are indicated as v1 and v2 above) - but I got it sorted in the end. – Mikey Hogarth Mar 17 '14 at 16:53

Got it

 sed -i 's/\(^\s*\)phoenix_utils (.*)/\1phoenix_utils (' test.txt
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sed -i -e 's/^\([[:blank:]]*hello_world \).*/\1(' YourFile

\1 is the content of first ( ) so \1Helloworld write it twice in your sample

be carefull with escape content depending of -e or not (behavior change and non GNU sed often need to escape (for grouping pattern)

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