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Are XML parsers (provided by standard libraries) faster than custom written parsers?
If so, why?

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Are standard car more red than custom built vehicles if so, Why? – Ondra Žižka May 2 '11 at 20:26

Custom written parsers for what? Still XML? If so, I'd expect standard libraries to generally have higher quality, faster, more robust code than code written by J Random Developer. After all, the standard libraries tend to have a lot of resources behind them and the parsers will be widely used - flushing out bugs relatively quickly.

Having said that, XML isn't particularly parser-friendly. If you're comparing "parsing XML using standard libraries" with "parsing a custom data format using custom code" then the custom data format may well be a lot faster, if it's well-designed for the specific task.

Given all these caveats, could you clarify your question?

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OK. I have this product from IBM and I have done some research and analysis on what IBM claims. They claim that the IBM product can parse XML message much faster than other non-xML messages. I did some test and found out it was rite. therefore my question. – zamfir Oct 22 '08 at 6:24
Program X can parse XML faster than the same program can parse non-XML? Well, that entirely depends on program X. If it's claiming that program X can parse XML faster than anything else can parse its own custom data format, that's a ridiculous claim. Could you link to the exact claim? – Jon Skeet Oct 22 '08 at 6:33

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