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I want to write a function that will insert the file name of the current buffer into the kill ring so I can yank it to the terminal in another window. How can I programmatically insert a string into the kill ring?

(<SOME FUNCTION> (buffer-file-name))

Is there a (built-in) function for that or do I need to insert the string I want into a buffer and then kill it?

I tried something like this:

(defun path ()
    (let ((begin (mark)))
      (insert (buffer-file-name))
      (kill-region begin (mark)))))

but it doesn't work.

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There's a function for that:

(defun copy-buffer-name ()
  (kill-new (buffer-file-name)))
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You may prefere buffer-name instead of buffer-file-name. Because some buffers are not related to a file. –  yves Baumes Mar 17 at 12:32
@yvesBaumes buffer-file-name is fine because I need it only to grab filename. –  jcubic Mar 17 at 12:35
@jcubic Then be aware that (buffer-file-name) can be nil, which would make kill-new signal an error. You should guard the expression with (when (buffer-file-name) …) –  lunaryorn Mar 17 at 14:06
@lunaryorn Ok, my function is now: (let ((path (buffer-file-name))) (when path (kill-new path))) –  jcubic Mar 17 at 15:50

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