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Say I have a resource defined such that the service https://api.mydomainname.com/v1/stores/ABC/order where "ABC" has a direct relation to a Developer App entry. I also have a Custom Attribute for the maximum number of seconds that can elapse between calls; if the time between calls exceeds that threshold, I'd like to take an action (make an call, raise a Nagios alert, etc).

Example: ABC (api key: 54c34ce0f7691840093bfba55a10c782) has a 300s elapsed time threshold XYZ (api key: af9843af2d190f72481183a8645659ac) has a 600s elapsed time threshold

Do we have any ideas on how to do this on for all related message processors in an Organization?

I do not want to have to have a call to check if the threshold has been exceeded.

I'm thinking I have to push this further down to the actual service, but if there is an Apigee based potential solution, I'd be interested.

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One option is to use the <LookupCache> and <PopulateCache> policies. Caching is distributed (across MPs) by default.

You could store the threshold value (300s/600s/etc) as a custom attribute on the develop app. After <VerifyAPIKey> policy, this attribute value should be automatically populated and you can use that reference in the <PopulateCache> policy. Example flow steps:

  1. VerifyAPIKey (will get the threshold value for populate.
  2. LookupCache
  3. If cache hit, continue. Else, raise custom fault or execute custom logic.
  4. PopulateCache to create/update entry, reading expiry from variable reference of attribute populated by #1). If the entry already exists, it will re-populate the entry with fresh expiration, essentially reseting the last request time.
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