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After a crash of QtCreator it won't open any project anymore.

If I try to open a project (that worked perfectly well before the crash) the QtCreator seems to ignore me (I tried several ways of opening a project through the QtCreator).

If I open the QtCreator directly via a *.pro file it opens the project file as plain text without any syntax-highlighting.

If I try creating a new project it tells me "No valid kits found". None of the solutions I found to this problem helped me, though.

To fix the problem I've tried:

  • restarting the Computer ;-)

  • cloning the auto-detected compiler settings and verified each path

I'm using QtCreator 3.0.0 with MinGW 4.8 32bit based on Qt 5.2.0 (all precompiled)

I would like to avoid a reinstallation of QtCreator, if possible.


I fixed the problem by myself - I figured out one of my config files got corrupted; see full answer below.

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It's this sort of issue that makes Qt Creator not exactly stand out as being a robust IDE. What a hassle, especially with deadlines! –  Dan Nissenbaum Oct 5 at 21:33

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I tracked the issue down by myself:

  • In the FAQ I found the entry how to reset all QtCreator settings. After doing this the QtCreator worked again.
  • I wrote I didn't want to reinstall the QtCreator (because of the settings), so I restored the old config from the bin and tried deleting the corrupted config file only.
  • When I finally deleted QtProject/qtcreator/mimetypes/modifiedmimetypes.xml QtCreator worked again. I remember messing with the mimetypes prior to the crash, so I guess that's it.
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