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I am using gvim. The long text lines don't wrap around whenever I resize my gvim window. Same thing happens whenever I open a text file which has pretty long text in one line.

Is there any command I can set in .vimrc to enable this?

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If you want soft-wrapping, try:

:set wrap

Add it (without the colon) to your ~/.vimrc to make that setting "stick" across sessions.

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To soft-wrap existing long lines, you want to set the 'wrap' option. For one buffer, just :set wrap. If you want to turn it on for all files detected as 'text', put this line in your .vimrc:

autocmd FileType text setlocal wrap

To set the width (hard wrap) for text you enter, use the textwidth variable. To set in your .vimrc:

autocmd FileType text setlocal textwidth=78

This breaks down as: for all buffers of file type text, set locally the variable textwidth to 78. I'm assuming you're using an 80-character-wide window.

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In addition to :set wrap suggested by others, I like to also use :set linebreak. When both are set, the soft wrapping only happens on whitespace. Set them together with :set wrap linebreak.

This is true with one caveat: if 'list' is also set, 'linebreak' has no effect.

To tell the difference between wrapped and unwrapped lines, I also like using the 'showbreak' option. This gets set to a string to show in a different color at the beginning of every wrapped continuation of a line.

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