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I'd like to create a link in my grid to download uploaded files.

There is already several topics on it and the only solution that worked for me is:!msg/agile-toolkit-devel/degomDwwe1s/gGtcap-T27sJ

But I'd like more of an abstract solution which could work whatever the field name is. So I searched for adding formatter : ATK4 How to set up custom formatters?

But it is never used...

I tried many things (v.4.2.5):

//in my model
$this->add('filestore\Field_File', 'file_id')

$this->hasOne('filestore\File', 'file_id', 'id')
     ->display(array('form'=>'upload', 'grid'=>'myField'));

//in filestore\FIELD_FILE
$this->display(array('form'=>'upload', 'grid'=>'myField'));

//my grid
class GridFile extends Grid
    function format_myField($field)
        $fm = $this->add('filestore/Model_File');

        $src = $fm->getPath();
        $name = $fm->get('original_filename');
        $this->current_row_html[$field] = "<a href='$src'>$name</a>";
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$g=$this->add("CRUD", ["grid_class"=>"XGrid"]);


class XGrid extends Grid {
    function format_foo($a,$b,$c=null){
        $this->current_row_html[$a] = "<b>".$this->current_row[$a]."</b>";

Works like charm - perhaps your crud/grid not using the extended version. P.s. using latest atk version (master branch from git)

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