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I am currently trying to insert image with Javascript attached to it and for some reason it works on Firefox but the images or icons do not display on IE.

I have done the coding like this:

<a href="javascript:changesize('xxx')">
    <img src="Images/changesize.jpg" title="Change Text Size">

<a href="javascript:changefont('xxx')">
    <img src="Images/changefont.jpg" title="Change Font">

<a href="javascript:changeline('xxx')">
    <img src="Images/changeline.jpg" title="Change Line Spacing">

<a href="javascript:changecolors('xxx')">
    <img src="Images/changecolors.jpg" title="Change Text/Backgroud Colors">
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Please show your javascript and explain what you are wanting to achieve –  Dean Whitehouse Mar 17 at 15:32
How do you expect us to help you if you don't post your code? –  Robin Mar 17 at 15:34
basically i have 4 icons which calls of a java script. The four java script is for controlling contrast, changing text font, adjusting line spacing. the problem that am having is that the script works fine but the icons are not showing up on ie explorer it just shows an x however works on morzilla –  user3360726 Mar 17 at 15:39
That x means it can not access the files usually. Can you look at the server access files for example to see what URL it tries to load? –  mvw Mar 17 at 15:43
Try adding ./ to the img src: ./Images/###.jpg –  Gil Mar 17 at 16:14

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You could try:

<img src="Images/changeline.jpg" title="Change Line Spacing" onclick="changeline('xxx')">
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still the same problem i just get an x on ie explorer –  user3360726 Mar 17 at 15:41
You need to fix onclick it need quotes. Remove the spaces –  caffinatedmonkey Mar 17 at 15:43

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