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I am working on a project where i need to pass values (from a list of products) of multiple checkboxes AND text boxes to a table (new_orders) on the database.

I managed to create the list retrieving the products from the table articles, but i can't insert the products that i choose with the quantities that i insert to the table new_orders on the database.

Here is the code:

foreach($A_result as $key => $value) // για χρηση όλων των αντικειμένων του πίνακα A_apotelesma

// shows al the products
    echo "<tr> 
              <td align=center>".$j++."</td>
              <td align=center>".$value['name']."</td>
              <td align=center>".$value['price']."</td> ";

echo"<td> // each product has a checkbox and a text box to enter the quantity

            <input type=checkbox name=\"article[]\"></input>
            <input type=text name='quantity_".$value['id_article']."' size='3' maxlength='2'>

    echo"<td><input type='hidden' name='id_article' value=".$value['id_article']."></td>"; 
    echo"<td><input type='hidden' name=\"code_user\" value=\"code_user\"></td>"; 



 // The form above redirects to the insert_order.php page:









$insert_order_query= "INSERT INTO new_orders (id_article, quantity, username) VALUES (".$id_article.",".$quantity.", '".$username."')";
//echo $insert_order_query;
$insert_order=mysql_query($insert_order_query) or die('Error,query failed!!'); 
 if ($insert_order)
     echo '<script language="javascript">alert("New order created!"); document.location="logged_in_user.php?menu=1";</script>';
    echo '<script language="javascript">alert("The order has not been created.")</script>';
    echo '<script language="javascript"> document.location="logged_in_user.php?menu=1.php"; </script>';


I ALWAYS get the error message.

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tl;dr but I think it would help if you tell other users what the error message is –  dayuloli Mar 17 at 16:04
Obligatory use prepared statements and not mysql because it is depreciated and you are vulnerable to SQL Injection –  Chitowns24 Mar 17 at 16:05
Also in this statement $quantity=$_POST['quantity_.$id_article']; What are you trying to accomplish? should it be $quantity=$_POST['quantity_'. $id_article]; –  Chitowns24 Mar 17 at 16:07
the error message is the or die message "Error, query failed!!" –  user3426484 Mar 17 at 19:41
with the statement $quantity=$_POST['quantity_'. $id_article]; i want to retrieve the article number to which corresponds the quantity entered on the previous form (with the checkbox). –  user3426484 Mar 18 at 14:51

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that is because $quantity=$_POST['quantity_.$id_article']; should be $quantity=$_POST['quantity_'.$id_article];

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Single qoutes are missing in

$insert_order_query= "INSERT INTO new_orders (id_article, quantity, username) VALUES (".$id_article.",".$quantity.", '".$username."')";

try something like

$insert_order_query= "INSERT INTO new_orders (id_article, quantity, username) VALUES ('".$id_article."','".$quantity."', '".$username."')";

but echo that $insert_order_query

paste here what you get - debugging tells a lot:)


and especially do echo your $quantity

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I used single quotes but no luck :-( Thanks for the debugging hint! –  user3426484 Mar 17 at 19:48
did u echo $insert_order_query sometimes query fails too if values are not comin in mentioned fields echo $insert_order_query can show you that too –  M.chaudhry Mar 17 at 20:05

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