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If I read three tables into R and rename them:


and I know each table has 14 columns and 10 rows.

Then I want to take the mean of column 1 in table1 and drop it into a matrix at position [1,1], the mean of column 2 in table1 and drop it into the same matrix at position [1,2], etc, until I have the bottom right of the matrix [3,14] filled with the mean of the 14th column in table 3.

I started by creating a blank matrix


and also a vector containing the tables


Then I decided to use a loop within a loop looking something like:

>for(i in z){
            for(j in 1:14){

It returned an error, and i can see in a basic way why it can't be right. However, I am struggling to come up with a way to get the values inputted into the matrix. Can someone help please?

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you can try :

t(sapply(paste0("table", 1:3), function(x) colMeans(read.csv(file=x,header=T))))
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Perhaps I should have thought about this fully before I typed out the question. I tried to simplify it to make it easier to read/understand. Basically, all of my file names are not as simple as table1, table2. They are in fact country names. Further, i actually want to perform a test on each column of each table (rather than the means) using the >chisq.benftest(table1[,1]) command from the BenfordTests package in R. –  user3429414 Mar 17 '14 at 16:16

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